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  • Drywall

    Hang, Finish & texture

    Castle Rock Contractor can find you a local (Castlepines and Castle Rock to Larkspur, CO) drywaller to provide Drywall Hanging, finishing, taping, and drywall texturing. Enter the site or call (720) 556-2051 to receive an estimate.

  • Retaining walls

    Residential Services

    Keystone Retaining wall systems or Pavestone, concrete or custom built; Find a contractor near you to build or repair retaining walls. From Littleton & Highlands Ranch to Colorado Springs... contact

  • Tile

    Installations & repairs

    There are plenty of choices when it comes to tile contractors and installers in Colorado. We have only the best tile setters. From larkspur to Castle Pines, CastleRock we meet with you, discover your needs, and provide free tile

  • Remodeling & Additions

    Build your dreams

    Have a great idea but need to know what it will cost? Or need some inspiration? Contact CR Contractor for all your remodeling needs! we provide super detailed take-off lists showing all materials cost.

  • Framing

    We know how..

    Drywall, Tile and remodeling with free estimates for Castle Rock Colorado residents! We work with Douglas County to take care of all permits and costs if they are needed.Contact CR Contractor to get estimates for your framing needs. click on the panels to the left to see more!

If you would like a free estimate and need a contractor in Colorado please let us know Castlerock Contractor by Brunetti Designs

Click on any of the above tabs to find the service you need. Castle Rock Contractor gets you in touch with a local Colorado small business for drywall, tile, kitchen & bath remodels, additions, decks, retaining walls and landscaping as well as smaller services such as tile or drywall repairs. Chose any service above, left to right - Drywall, Retaining Walls, Tile, Remodels, Framing; To receive a free estimate. The contractors on this site like to be known as Service Professionals or more industry specific - Drywall Hangers, Drywall Finishers, Drywall Business, Drywallers, Landscapers, Tile setters, Tile installers, Tile Professionals (even Tile experts as it can be an art), Remodelers or Remodeling Professional, Remodeling Company, Framers, Framing business, Framing Pro's - Because the term contractor can be to vague. More over the terms listed above are more friendly sounded as Castle Rock Contractor are freindly, responsible, well established service professionals, setting ourselves apart from others providing drywall, tile and remodeling to Castle Rock Colorado. Most of our contractors or service professionals here will gladly provide potential customers with free estimates and even some free services. For example if you have a tile floor installed or new tile laid, you may receive free floor board service fixing any squeaky spots. You may also be eligible for free tile baseboards. With drywall installation, Castle Rock, CO on new construction in Colorado or basement remodels or basement finishes for your zip code 80104 Castle Rock ( 303/720 ) 80108 Castle Rock ( 303/720 ) or 80109 Castle Rock ( 303/720 ), you will receive free sound dampening services making sure to fill all voids such as around junction boxes, windows, and ventilation. Just ask or click here for a free estimate and ask about any of these bonus freebies!

Castlerock Colorado professional contractor meets (or exceeds) a strict standard of service and provides excellent customer care and communication. Castle Rock Contractor does not make money off bringing businesses & clients together, which could have quality assurance concerns. Rather we help only Colorado clients (mostly in Douglas County) to receive as many fair free estimates for work, and then to have the work done. We have a small customer base now of about 300 residential and commercial customers in or around Castle Rock Colorado and work hard to grow that number every week. We have done plenty of work and would love to provide you with a free estimate if you are in Castle Rock or Douglas county as well. We have over 11 years of actual hands on experience with Landscaping and building retaining walls only in Colorado and are Colorado Natives. 9 years experience out of the 11 in basement finishing for Castle Rock area including framing floating walls, doors and windows, drywall hanging, finishing and texturing. We are also excellent at matching drywall texture, which can be a very hard thing to get perfect! We have been called in numerous times to re-do what other contractors had done. We also work hand in hand with Colorado Carpentry and a few other highly qualified professional contractors with over 30 years of experience!

Want to know about us or how to find the best Contractors near Castle Rock Colorado, About us. Curious what all tools are needed for these jobs? You can find out how to install retaining walls in Colorado and what tools are required, Retaining Walls and Landscaping.We also have pages on best practices shared from experienced professionals to aid the DIY'ers of Castle Rock! You can even find out tips on saving energy and minor home improvements that can save you major headaches. If you don't use the tabs at the top you can go to the site here.

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              Castle Rock Colorado Contractor, Specializing in Contractor Services for Castle Rock and Douglas County Colorado. (720) 556-2051
(720) 556-2051
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Working with Castle Rock Contractor gives you advantages in your home remodel because we have nine certifications in such things as Mold Prevention, Lighting Design, Kitchen Remodeling, Deck Retrofitting and Sustainable Building. And are accredited with the American Institute of Architects.
Think all contractors are the same? We challenge you to find anyone else in Colorado who is certified and experienced in "Drywall and Gypsum Products", "Sound Proofing, Control and Sound Dampening", "Mold Prevention and eradication", "IAQ - Indoor Air Quality", "Lighting Design", "Universal Design (for special needs)", "Structural Anchoring", "Advanced Drywall and Gypsum Products", "Framing and retrofitting" along with a few more. You will not find someone more able, willing and experienced than Castle Rock Contractor!